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Eyeglass Prescriptions

Eyeglasses are the simplest way to improve your vision, and are still the first choice for millions of Americans. Dr. Burns can prescribe the lenses that are right for you, but only you can choose the style that expresses who you are! Dr. Burns has all the latest eyeglass fashions and accessories at his Middletown Eye Care and Southend Eye Care optical shops.

Michael S.
“I really appreciate the care and professionalism I receive at Dr. Burns office. They’re never rushed and don’t prescribe new glasses unless really needed. I’ll keep going there and will continue to recommend Dr. Burns to my friends who are not happy with their eye doctors.”

Contact Lens Fitting

When it comes to contacts, one size does not fit all! You have many wonderful contact lens options today, and Dr. Burns can make sure you get the contacts that are right for you. You can acquire every kind of specialty contact lens through licensed professionals like Dr. Burns. For the sake of your vision, you should never buy contacts, costume or prescription, from any vendor who is not a licensed eye care professional. For more information on glasses and contacts call: 502.245.0305

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